Airport Fence

Airport Security Fence, Airport welded mesh fence, Airport wire mesh fence

Also known as an airport perimeter security fence, our airport fences consist of a V-shaped bracket post, reinforced welded mesh, security joints, and hot dip galvanized blades. This security fencing is designed specifically for defense, and is widely used in airports, military bases and other locations where safety and protection is a must.

Customers can choose to add barbed wires to the top of the airport perimeter fencing, adding to the security and protection performance of the fence. Due to an electroplating coating, hot dip, plastic spraying, dipping and other corrosion resistance coatings, the barbed wires add to an already great resistance to aging, sunlight and weather. These barbed wire fences feature a clean, streamlined appearance on top of the security performance. The barbed wires effectively prevent intruders from climbing over the fence, and with the addition of four horizontal stiffeners, each fence is extremely strong and durable.

High-quality low carbon steel wire, BTO22 barbed wire

5.0mm high-strength low-carbon steel wires are used for welding. Different materials can be used upon customer requests.

Sieve size: 50 x 100mm, 50 x 200mm, 75 x 150mm

The mesh is designed with V-shaped reinforcement ribs, which significantly improves the airport security fence's impact resistance.

Each post is a 60 x 60mm rectangular steel post, with the addition of a welded V-bracket on top. After the hot dip galvanization process, each produce undergoes a high quality polyester powder electrostatic spraying with RAL color schemes for added protection against the elements.

Outstanding Advantages
1. Smooth appearance, practical, easy to transport and convenient installation
2. The connection between the fence and the post is adjustable and adaptable to different terrains.
3. Each airport fence has four stiffeners installed in a horizontal manner. These not only increase the strength in the fence and improves the aesthetic appearance, but they do so without raising costs.

Airports, private properties, military areas, industrial factories, development zones

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