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Roll Top Fencing

Double Loop Ornamental Wire Fencing, Roll Top Mesh Fencing, Panel Fencing

 Double Loop Fence
Double Loop Fence

Attractive appearance
Each of the double loop and roll top welded mesh panels are both decorative and elegant, while still maintaining their high level of quality, low maintenance requirements and outstanding performance.

Built in rigidity
A maximum rigidity is achieved at the top and bottom edge of each panel due to the rolled beam profile.

A long term performance is guaranteed in the fence due to the polyester coating. To make the fence more attractive, this coating is available in different colors.

User Friendly
Both the double loop fencing and roll top fencing use friendly rolled edges on the top for an enhanced level of safety and rigidity.

Double loop welded mesh panels

This wire mesh fence features loops on the top and bottom edges of the panel, thus the name double loop welded mesh. Each post is equipped with a plastic cap to connect to the panels, while still offering a high rigidity rate. Add a few small accessories, and an expansion screw to ensure easy installation.

Roll top welded mesh panels
The roll top fence is known for its horizontal supports that span between each post. The open mesh configuration allows for a decorative appearance, while still providing excellent see-through visibility.

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