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Palisade Fencing

Palisade security fence, Steel palisade fence, Garden steel fence, Metal steel fencing

Each steel fence panel for the palisade fencing is manufactured by hand, rather than automated machines, which allows us to put together these fences in any style needed by the customer.

Steel Fence Advantages
High Rigidity

The steel construction allows for longer panels, with no risk of sagging under excessive weight and stress. Welded infill tubes also add to the overall durability and strength of the fence.

Not only is the ornamental fence panels strong, but they feature a decorative and elegant finish, making them ideal for residences and parks.

Making use of a hot dip galvanization undercoat, and a plastic coating finish, each steel fence panel outlasts aluminum panels, even in harsh conditions.

Steel Fence Colors
Black, Blue, Green, White.

Residences, parks, private properties, sports stadiums, public sector and warehouses

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