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Security Fencing

    1. Wire Mesh Fencing

      Based on the height of each mesh fence, panel options include 2, 3 or 4 curves, with height options ranging from 1030 to 2500mm ...

    1. Airport FenceEach airport fence has four stiffeners installed in a horizontal manner. These not only increase the strength in the fence and improves the aesthetic appearance, but they do so without raising costs.
    1. Roll Top FencingThis wire mesh fence features loops on the top and bottom edges of the panel, thus the name double loop welded mesh. Each post is equipped with a plastic cap to connect to the panels, while still offering a high rigidity rate.
    1. 358 Anti-Climb Mesh Fencing 358 in the name refers to the specific measurements of 3 × 0.5 × 8 inches, which equates to approximately 76.2 × 12.7 × 4mm in metric measurements. It is a high quality, professional fencing designed for high security environments...
    1. Palisade FencingThe steel construction allows for longer panels, with no risk of sagging under excessive weight and stress. Welded infill tubes also add to the overall durability and strength of the fence.
    1. 3D Welded Mesh Fence PanelSurface treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing, electrostatic powder spraying, corrosion resistant plastic coating
      Application: Streets, gardens, plantations, amusement parks, industrial factories
    1. 2D Welded Mesh Fence PanelThis fence is welded using one vertical wire and two horizontal wires, giving it an added strength over a traditional welded fence panel. Panel width options include 6 × 2mm, 5 × 1.8mm, and 6 × 1mm.
    1. Temporary FencingThe temporary fence features welded mesh panels. It is an ideal choice for a quick and easy solution in short term or job site enclosures. Should users need access to any part of the site, they simply have to remove the appropriate panels...
    1. Noise BarrierThe noise barriers can be made from metal, concrete or PC materials, and are widely used to reduce noise from traffic, equipment, and factories for a quieter surrounding environment. They are also used to reduce noise from railways ...
    1. Fence PostSurface treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing, electro-plating, painting, electrostatic powder spraying
      Application: Protective fence, airport fencing, security fence
    1. Fence GateMaterial: High-quality galvanized round tube, square tube, low-carbon steel, door hinges
      Sieve size: 50 × 100mm, 50 × 50mm, 100 × 100mm, 50 × 200mm, 75 × 150mm
    1. Crowd Control BarrierSurface treatment: Electrostatic powder spraying, corrosion resistance thermal treatment, hot-dip galvanizing
      Application: Construction sites, exhibition halls, parking lots, farms