Slope Stabilization System

Slope protection netting, Rockfall mesh

Slope Stabilization Mesh System
Flexible high-strength steel wire netting (diamond-shaped steel wire mesh, ring mesh, high-strength steel wire grid) as a major component of protection system is against the rock slope collapsed, dropped, such as flyrock blasting. With the technology development and application, improving the usage of construction technology, standard modular operation, Slope Stabilization Mesh System have been applied in the geological disasters on the large scale.

Slope Stabilization Mesh System is designed by the latest international standard of rock slope protection system. Compared with traditional construction methods, the system has overcomed many rigid construction defects, and is shorten the duration and cost of construction. The whole system is composed of high-strength steel wire, bolt and other installation components.

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Slope Stabilization Mesh System Component & Characteristic
Type Mesh Type Structure Configure Function
GAR1 Common Simple Type Steel Wire Netting Edge Steel Wire Anchor Rope+ Support Rope t + Oversewed Rope(D0/08/300 Steel netting + Anchor Rope+ Horizontal Supported Rope Protection, Restriction on the slope of rocks movement,Against the collapse
GAR2 Common Type Steel Wire Netting System Steel Anchor Rope+ Support Rope + Oversewed Rope,Concave Orifice+ Anchor fixed + Horizontal Support Rope (2-∮16)+Steel Wire Netting(◇08/300/4*42)+Oversewed Rope(∮8) Slope Reinforcement,Protect from collapse and weathering.
GPS1 Common Use Steel Wire Netting+ Steel Wire Grid Same to GAR1+ Steel Wire Grid
(GAR1+SO/2.2/50 Iron Grid)
Same To GAR1, When there are small rocks.
GPS2 Common Use Steel Wire Netting+Steel Wire Grid Same To GAR2+Iron Grid + Fixed Anchor + Horizontal Support Rope (2-∮16)+ Steel Wire Netting(◇08/300/4*42)+ SO/2.2/50 Steel Wire Grid+System Anchor] Same To GAR2, With small unstable rocks or terrene slope.
GER1 Steel Wire Grid Same To GAR1, But Steel Wire Oversewed Along The Support Rope. Same to GAR1, But the falling rock is small,mainly protect from broken rock falling.
GER2 Steel Wire Grid Same To GAR2, But Steel Wire Oversewed Along The Support Rope. Same To GAR2,But the fall rock is small.
GTC-65A High-Strength Steel Wire Grid Prestressed Reinforcing Steel Bar+ Concave Orifice + Oversew Rope Same To GPS2,Guaranteed more than 100 years, but it is not suitable that the vol. of fallrock is bigger than 1 m3.
GTC-65B High-Strength Grid Reinforcing Steel Bar Anchor Rope Same To GAR1, Guaranteed more than 100 years,But it is not suiable that the Vol. Of fallrock is bigger than 1m3.
MG-GPS2 Steel Wire Netting+Strongly Fixed Slope Reinforcing Steel Bar Anchor Rope Same To GPS2, Steel Wire Grid+ Strongly Fixed Slope Reinforcing Steel Bar Anchor Rope + Horizontal Support Rope (∮16/∮12)+Steel Wire Netting(◇08/300/4*4m2)+Oversewed Rope(∮8)+SO/2.2/50 Iron Wire Grid + System Anchor fixing Slope Reinforcement,Protect from collapse and weathering, Restrict the coast and local fallrock.It can be used for small unsafe rock or soil or soil mixed rock.
MG-GPS2-L Same to MG-GPS2 Same To MG-GPS2+Landscaping of Slope Same To MG-GPS2+ Landscaping of Slope
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