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Slope Stabilization & Wire Rope Netting

    1. Rockfall NettingSNS system consists of high-strength rockfall netting, such as diamond steel wire mesh, ring mesh and high-strength steel fence, mainly providing active protection (rock covering) and passive protection (rockfall blocking).
    1. Slope Stabilization System

      Flexible high-strength steel wire netting (diamond-shaped steel wire mesh, ring mesh, high-strength steel wire grid) as a major ...

    1. Rockfall BarrierThe rockfall barriers and fences are composed of high strength wire grid mesh, the anchor, I-steel column, the drop-down anchor rope, the ring of energy dissipation, and the base of support rope from top to bottom, and other components.
    1. Wire Rope NettingMaterial: High-quality galvanized steel rope
      Sieve size: 10*10cm 15*15cm 20*20cm 25*25cm 30*30cm
    1. Zoo Netting

      The structure of the steel calbe wire have 7×7 and 7×19. The steel cable wire diameter icludes 1/8", 3/32", 1/16"...

    1. Stainless Steel Cable MeshMaterial: AISI 316 and AISI 304 stainless steel
      Cable Structure: 7 × 7 (1.0mm,1.5mm,2.0mm),7 × 19 (3.0mm,4.0mm)