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Self-Cleaning Sieve Screen Mesh

Self-cleaning screen mesh increase the filter efficiency.

Material: 65MN , 60Sin2Mn, 30Mn, high carbon steel, spring steel, stainless steel(316,304.202)and brass wire.
Mainly uses in the mining, quarry and other industries.

W mesh is specifically engineered and designed to reduce blinding and plugging conditions when the use of conventional square opening wire cloth is not acceptable. the W mesh screen accurately controls material sizing, both undersized, similar sized and oversized materials, while staying clean and remaining efficient.

The D mesh is designed with precisely crimped wires and woven into diamond shaped openings.
D mesh type has more effective open area, because there isn't the straight wire, which is existing in the w mesh . D mesh is ideal for the medium and light materials.

H type self screen mesh looks like the herringbone pattern. stable for polyurethane material . H mesh is ideal for the situations where material sizing is important, but not very critical. It is proven high effective in the extreme blinding screenings. such as the asphalt screening applications.

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