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Polyurethane Screen Mesh

Self-cleaning polyurethane screen mesh, Steel core polyurethane screen

Polyurethane Screen Mesh is widely as vibration sieve in metallurgy,mining,coal, chemical, building materials and construction.It is also widely used for sifting, filtering, drying, ect.

Is fabricated by advanced polyurethane materials with embedded metal framework structure, which combines all the characteristics of rubber sieve, but also have superior wear resistance, higher screening accuracy, better tear resistance, longer service life and other characteristics, it is the best substitute screen surface in coal mines, mineral processing, and hydraulic industry.

Whatever your screening conditions (wet or dry). Whatever your feed rate, material size or bed depth. Whatever the application (screening, scalping, fines removal, drain and rinse etc.), Polydeck screen panels are manufactured with polyurethane screening materials that provide long life and consistent performance.

The original synthetic modular screen media material
1. Standard compound - the right choice for most general applications
2. A softer poly compound for applications requiring a flexible panel surface
3. A special formulation for applications where microbial action degrades standard polyurethane
4. Polyurethane MSDS Sheet

Polyurethane Screen Mesh possess the following features
1. Light weight and good elasticity
2. Excellent abrasion resistance
3. Long service time
4. Impact resistance
5. Cut & Tear resistance
6. Simple structure and easy to operation
7. Less costly and easy to install
8. Wide range of choise

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